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Monday 10 October 2011

Paris Spring/Summer 2012: Paco Rabanne, Issey Miyake, and Jean Paul Gaultier

This will be a post requiring minimal typing, as I managed to burn two of my fingers sometime around 4am on Sunday morning while on my way out of Glasgow's premiere shitty goth club. A sad cautionary tale to today's youth, indeed. So: pictures.

Paco Rabanne

If the metallic/iridescent look of some of these outfits looks familiar, it's for good reason: the new head designer at Paco Rabanne is Manish Arora, of my first post regarding Thor-themed couture.

1970s glasswear with eyeholes = the best kind of satellite dish/hat?
pics from, btw.
Do you know what I love? Scales. And armour. And clothing that looks like scales or armour. OK, I'm not gonna front: this was an excuse to post a picture of a Silurian. Note to anyone who doesn't watch Doctor Who and therefore doesn't know what a Silurian is: look at your life, look at your choices!

Paco Rabanne; Silurian; Paco Rabanne. AWESOME; AWESOME; AWESOME.

Speaking of Silurians, check out this super-awesome 19th-century Japanese print-style fanart of Madame Vastra and Jenny battling cybermen!

If all cocktail dresses could be this beautiful, I'd be satisfied.
Not entirely sure what the inspiration was for these outside "MORE FOIL NOW", but I think I like it?

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake: one of the few designers who I can describe as "wearable" without making it sound like a snobbish euphemism for "boring".

I am powerless before the lure of a pantaloon, my friends.

Jean Paul Gaultier 

It's Gaultier, so there were heaps of lingerie-inspired looks in this show. There were also a lot of tattoos on show, whether real or in the form of printed body-stockings, and I think they worked pretty damn well when juxtaposed with all the vintage-style corsetry and girly frills.
There were a lot of great "alternative" models in this show.
Brilliant structure work on this outfit.
Don't worry, this is meant to be underwear.
I wear tattoo-patterned tights quite regularly, and therefore approve most heartily of all these motifs. :)


  1. Lol. Never imagined for a second that silurianism would ever become a trend...

  2. I WISH. silurians are the hottest. these dresses are super sci-fi anyway though... apparently they were created using body-scans to get all the little armour-pieces to fit correctly, or something.

  3. lol. Still waiting for the Victorian Lesbian Thespian Silurian.

  4. DID YOU CLICK ON THE FANART? so amazeballs. (i am still saddened by the total absense of victorian lesbian thespian silurian fanfic. A TRAGEDY OF OUR TIMES.)