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Sunday 2 October 2011


For as long as I remember, my local arthouse cinema has been running what appears to be a never-ending LGBT film festival of dismal-looking movies about oppressed teenagers or Eastern Europeans declaiming tearfully at one another before suffering a tragicand/or dissatisfying end. But today I noticed an ad for this movie:

Stories about stylish and dangerous-looking people in suits are an immediate draw for me, but on top of this I found out that Gigola...
  1. Is set in 1960s Paris.
  2. It about a suit-wearing lesbian gigolo (I'm not 100% clear on the logistics of this, but I hope that it involves at least some implausible Shakespearean gender-bending).
  3. Mostly takes place in what looks like the cabaret bar from Victor/Victoria, although admittedly most cabaret bars look the same.
  4. Contains some kind of gambling/gun-crime related subplot.
  5. Includes hand-kissing. (How can something that seems so suave in fiction almost always be so creepy in real life? Tragic.)

Guys, Gigola will have to be pretty awful for me not to love it. I tend not to like fiction about sex-work, since it's usually either weirdly romanticised (WTF, Pretty Woman?) or depressing, but this movie looks just unrealistic enough to brilliant. Although let's face it, I'm mainly in it for the costumes.
So dapper!

Hello, tailor, indeed.
This picture = the reason I even bothered to read the summary of this movie. How could I resist?

Look at how perfect her hair is!
This post is proof that I will watch anything if it provides me with a) beautifuly-cut suits, and b) crime. See also: my everlasting love of Inception. 


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