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Saturday 1 October 2011

Saturday afternoon videos.

Fashions of AD 2000 (from the perspective of the 1930s)

"... another designer goes so far as to believe that skirts will disappear entirely!"

I love retrofuturistic shit. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? I have seen it three times (conservative estimate). But you know what? This isn't even retrofuturistic. Instead of some artist's impression of New York where all the dogs are wearing spacesuits and the nuclear family travels to work in a streamlined monorail car, these fashion predictions are actually kind of accurate.  Shoes with cantilevered heels? Hello, Lady Gaga! I saw a girl wearing a highstreet version of these yesterday!

Pop-up fashion show, 1950s style

Finally. A way to keep my fringe fresh and bouncy when I go swimming with the gals!

The solution to bikini season.

If everyone still wore things like this to the beach, not only would they probably look better, but there would also be way fewer of those crazy-making "get your summer bikini body in just three weeks of intense juice-fasting and daily sit-ups!" articles. I'm not saying everyone should be more modest or anything like that... but I'd definitely prefer to wear one of those bathing costumes from the beginning of the video to a string bikini.

Maybe not all this elasticated girdle stuff, though. :/


  1. Oh, my. Apparently the 'future' will contain metallic/metal fanny packs. Who'da thunk it! Poor men, that's all they get!

    Bathing caps *seem* like a good idea, until you try to stuff long hair up in them, and then they leak all over, and then you're left with squashed, sweaty, damp hair that smells faintly of rubber....

    I love pretty much everything in the last video but it's really too bad the colors have all leached out - the 'turquoise' pool was sorta...grey. But such fun! I don't care for pinafore sleeves, though - they wilt, and they make my shoulders look barn-door wide.

  2. Wow. I had always thought that the fashion show in Singin' in the Rain was a ridiculous parody. But the real thing is actually crazier.

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