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Monday 19 August 2013


OK, the midseason finale is upon us. After tonight, there's no more Teen Wolf until January 2014. To help you deal with the pain, I've adapted this drinking game from a rather simpler version my brother & I invented when watching the first few episodes last year. I recommend playing it using something with a relatively low alcohol content, because I don't want anyone to end up hospitalised.
Disclaimer: I know that the episode was leaked last week, but I haven't watched it yet. These rules were created spoiler-free. (Oh, and you can reblog the drinking game from here.)

Take a sip if...
  • Anyone takes off his shirt.
  • Stiles’s eyes glisten with tragic, unshed tears.
  • Someone uses a totally pointless martial arts move like leaping against a wall, or backflipping over something they could’ve just walked around. 
  • Peter Hale acts like a Disney villain but someone trusts him anyway.
  • A student at Beacon Hills High is clearly a 24-year-old Abercrombie & Fitch model. 
  • Any scene inexplicably takes place in the boys’ locker room. (Double if it’s at night.)
  • Lydia is smarter than everyone else in the room.
  • The twins rip off their shirts and transform into the Werewolf Megazord. 
  • Obvious product placement onscreen.
  • Dr. Deaton gets some dialogue that isn’t frustratingly cryptic and/or an explanation of something we already knew.
  • Anything remotely good happens to Derek.

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