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Tuesday 6 November 2012

A "take your mind off the election" fashion special: Part 2.

Link to Part 1: Thierry Mugler and Viktor & Rolf.

Can I tag this with "apocalypse fashion"? Sure, why not; I do what I want. These clothes may not fulfill my strict requirements of looking like they were dragged from the dismal rubble of a dystopian cityscape and/or desert, but I think the spirit is definitely there.
This season's Yohji Yamamoto was rather grimmer than usual, full of frayed edges and the black, draped fabrics of mourning clothes. While Yamamoto has a history of dressing his models like bag-ladies (his term, not mine), this season had a more graceful look to it -- even though there were still a lot of rough fabrics and scruffy hemlines on show. The only acknowledgement of the Spring season was the amount of skin on show, but thanks to the models' aggressive demeanour and the chilly colour palette, it didn't seem like a very warm or cheerful Spring.

The accessories were one of my favourite things about this collection. They looked like a cross between caveman tools and something constructed directly from a haphazard crayon-drawing by a child.

OK, I'm going to be straight with you here: Yohji Yamamoto is pretty much the real-life Derelicte. If you don't know what that means because you haven't seen Zoolander: go watch Zoolander now, because it's awesome. If you do know what that means and are all, "But HelloTailor, John Galliano is surely the real-life Derelicte!" then I say NO, for John Galliano was too glamourous. Yamamoto really goes for it, you know? Year after year, season after season... countless hundreds of outfits made up of ill-fitting Charlie Chaplin trousers with the cuffs rolled up, and accessories made from rags. And to be honest, Yamamoto is really the only designer who can manage this look without it coming across as a gross mockery of reverse-classism.

I'm quadruple psyched about this grey outfit because I'm hoping it's what Tilda Swinton will wear to our commitment ceremony. Which will take place in a forest and be officiated by a wolf.

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