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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Teen Wolf creator answers fan questions about season 3.

Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf's creator and lead writer, was answering fan questions on Tumblr last night! He's given a whole bunch of hints about season 3, as well skillfully dodging most of the Sterek-related questions. ;) Click here to read the highlights.


  1. Plenty of people already aren't cavity-prone; it depends on the bacterial balance in your mouth, as well as how much processed sugar is in your diet (since the germs that beat the crap out of teeth are literally fed by sugar). In fact, being extremely cavity-prone is more a modern thing; some recent archaeological evidence suggests our mouths used to have a LOT more biodiversity before processed sugar and bleached wheat became a huge part of our diet, and people who switch to certain 'unusual' diets - like the "raw" diet or "paleo" diets - . often see most of their dental issues go bye-bye (an exception being impacted teeth, because that's really just bad luck).

  2. For the record, let me clarify that yes, you read that right: MORE biodiversity in the mouth is better than less. There are strains of bacteria that are actually beneficial to have in the human mouth because they don't hurt gum tissue or enamel and are territorial enough to eat the bacteria that would eat your teeth. ;)