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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Threeasfour, Fall 2013: The 13th sign of the zodiac.

Thirteen outfits long, this collection was based on the signs of the Zodiac. Technically Ophiucus, the so-called thirteenth Zodiac sign, is actually a Zodiac constellation and therefore not directly connected to the exacting and fact-based science that is astrology, but whatevs. The combination of mysticism and stargazing made for an intriguing mix, resulting in some excellent sci-fi priestess outfits: one for each sign.
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Sadly I couldn't work out which was which. The first was Ophiucus, but where did it go from there? Perhaps there's someone out there with some more astrology expertise who can help me out. But I don't think the designs are very literal. There certainly wasn't any single outfit out there that reminded me specifically of a bull, a ram, or a pair of twins.

New Age themes aside, this was an interesting and well-developed collection. Threeasfour tend to be a little eccentric anyway, but they're consistent in their eccentricities. Lots of asymmetrical tailoring and patterns made up of repeated circles, as seen in previous seasons.

One of my favourite aspects of this collection was the headwear, which was straight out of Gallifrey. Laser-cut (presumably?) from leather and what may have been cardboard, these crowns looked like clockwork or 3D renderings of mathematical diagrams.

We can only theorise who will actually end up wearing these designs. They'd make excellent costumes for a high-budget 1970s sci-fi movie, but sadly not many people in the real world actually dress like this. However, Threeasfour have successfully managed the weirdness of their brand for several years now, so I can only assume (and hope) that there are some people out there who are enthusiastically willing to spend $$$ on grey woollen chaps and wraparound Zodiac robes.


  1. Ohhhh man, now I really want blue lipstick

  2. Actually, I quite like the big circular coats, especially the ones with the dotted swirls on them. I'd wear that first one as-is, and I'm not exactly a right-from-the-runway kind of person.

  3. I'll take a stab at which is which, combining the order they're posted in the slideshow on with their commentary "Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and so on..." which is in order of the signs in the sky. So:

    Capricorn (makes some sense, the headpiece has a suggestion of horns for "the goat")
    Aquarius (the water bearer, so waves?)
    Pisces (a water sign)
    Leo (this one I'm not sure about. Fire, lions... is the head thing a mane?)
    Aries (the black oily texture suggests fire to me, and the headpiece could be ram's horns)
    Taurus (the bull, and another horny headpiece)
    Gemini (one of the clearest, with the matching sides for the twins)
    Cancer... idek
    Virgo (white for "the maiden"?)
    Libra (the scales, one of the most symmetrical designs)
    Scorpio (black scorpions?)

  4. Your "straight out of Gallifrey" comment is not only totally spot-on but outs you as a possible Whovian, or at least, someone who appreciates the offbeat fashion of weird scifi.

    Translation: That decides it, I'm bookmarking this blog. :P