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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dubiously competent fashion photography at the National Museum's Ancient Egypt party.

Yesterday I went to the National Museum of Scotland adults-only night, because anything that puts sarcophagi and booze in the same locale is A-OK by me. Compared to some of the late-opening museum parties I've been to in the past it was a little underwhelming, partially because tickets weren't free, but since this is only their second event I'll let that slide.
The theme was Ancient Egypt, which meant gold, jeweled body-art, mummies, and the sort of Egyptian-themed cocktail only a Scot could make up -- the Tutankhamorangie, a Glenmorangie whisky promo. To my disappointment not many people had come in costume, outside of a few performers and the dressing-up area.. However, having my camera with me I decided to do a spot of extremely amateur fashion photography. The Sartorialist I most definitely am not.
I'm kicking myself over not getting a better photo of the jacket worn by the guy on the right, a formal iteration of what has been sweepingly and inaccurately called a kimono jacket for the last few decades. Sadly, I'm far from adept at approaching strange men and saying, "Can I take a photo of your back?" when I'm so clearly not a "real" photographer.
My friend and I were both very impressed with this dude, both because of his great style and because that length of ginger wizard-beard takes dedication. That + pink combat trousers + earrings + assymetrical layering = 10/10.

This person is beheaded because they are me. Vain enough to smugly photograph my own outfit, yet unwilling to show my face on the internet. This is my all-pink embroidery ensemble for when I want to look needlessly eye-catching, including a waistcoat obscured by my brocade jacket. I'm pretty impressed with myself for managing to find so many semi-matching clothes by accident, all from charity shops.

This enormous coat was some real Edinburgh style, otherwise known as wrapping youself in blankets from head to toe until the icey wind no longer feels like it's flaying you alive. I enjoyed the pattern-mixing among this lady's accessories and cane.

Utilikilt? Yes, people in Scotland do wear them, plus his lack of tartan on the bottom half seems somehow balanced by the plaid on top. And I loved the contrast between the purple-laced sneakers and the kilt. All he needs is a neon skean dhu! This couple's outfits complemented each other very well, intentional or not.

'I love your shoes! Where did you get them?" "Prada." Right, then. Metal reinforced toes: all the better for kicking you in the bank-balance.

 Obviously my favourite outfit of the night. Shave 300 years of aging off this and I'd wear it every day.

Millennia-old Sarcophagus and empty liquor containers: an accurate summation of how our evening went.


  1. I love that shot of the sarcophogus and the bottles. clearly what scottish high culture is all about.

    I want a utilikilt. utilikilts are the best. Perhaps I should make one.

    a million points to ginger bearded pink combat rock-wizard man.

  2. The last picture is pretty alarming considering the short distance between (empty) booze bottles and the coffin shows how close they allow people to approach the sarcophagus.
    The guy's jacket in the first pix is awesome!

  3. Ha! I took a couple of photos of that Garter Suit when I visited Edinburgh last year. It's so gorgeous.

  4. kjsdflka your brocades are magnificent; wish we'd have had a glimpse of the waistcoat too... :D

  5. I hate to break it to you, but your jacket isn't pink :P Though of course the overall brocade is awesome :D

    Also, I want to be coat!lady when I'm older.

  6. thanks for the wee bit exposure! I got my kilt (and jacket and waistcoat) from the man, the myth, the legend that is Howie Nicholsby at on thistle street. one of the best purchases i have ever made! and i wear it as often as i can! and a fancy doo at the museum was the perfect excuse!

  7. Awesome! Any company that has Alan Cumming on their front page gets extra points from me. Too bad I'm too poor to get a decent kilt at the moment...

  8. PFFFT WHATEVER. If I say "red and pink" it makes me sound clash-y. ;)

  9. thank you! :D i love that jacket. it goes well with my pantaloons. ;D

  10. whenever i've been in that museum i'm like: IDEAL OUTFIT Y/Y?

  11. haha. that's the sarcophagus in the lobby downstairs, rather than the main exhibit... it's not really in a box or anything.

  12. I KNOW RIGHT. i saw it and was like, "SCOTLAND ILU".

    utilikilts ARE the best! making one would be fuck-off hard though. kilts are sort of expert. and the fabric alone would be pricey.

  13. I love the lady with the blanket coat and cane. She's got real style. Fashion is not just for the young and slim.