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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fight Like A Girl.

Just realised I'd posted this on Tumblr, but not on my blog! Along with a variety of cool sci-fi/fantasy/YA writers from around the world, I'm participating in the Fight Like A Girl short story anthology, a book focusing on strong female protagonists like Katniss Everdeen, Hermione Granger or Lisbeth Salander. If you're into fandom at all, you might recognise the screennames of a few of the authors involved: gyzym, jibrailis, bookshop, eleveninches, and many more!

We've already received an amazing amount of support for our Kickstarter, which has almost reached its goal of $8,300, so we only need a few more people to pledge before we can get this thing published! And we have a bunch of awesome additions we can implement if we get much funding over the original goal. 
You can pre-order the book from our Kickstarter, along with a bunch of other rewards for funding pledges. Plus, a few of the authors (including me!) are going to be on the podcast/radio show fandomspotting tonight! If you have any questions for myself or any of the authors involved, send them to fandomspotting's Tumblr askbox or tweet us @fandomspotting and we can answer them on-air! Plus we can read/answer any questions or comments sent to the show while it's still in progress. Fandomspotting's youtube channel is HERE, and we'll be on air at 7pm EST/11pm GMT.


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  4. This is a good cause of women empowerment. I and my friend Gareth have been advocates of women empowerment. We believe that men and women are both equal.